Each patient is unique, and so is your treatment plan.

Our Goals Are Simple

  1. Get you out of pain as quickly as possible.
  2. Identify and treat pain generators.
  3. Provide you with the tools to be able to self-monitor and prevent reinjury.

What We Treat

Mend Chiropractic treats all of your musculoskeletal complaints: from your neck, upper/mid/lower back pain, TMJ, rib pain, and your extremities: elbows, wrists, arms, fingers, shoulders, knees, legs, feet and ankles.  Mend also specializes in numbness, tingling, headaches, dizziness, hypertension, fatigue and swelling.

knee pain
neck pain
hand pain

Types of Treatment

Mend Chiropractic uses diverse techniques and tools in our process including: Chiropractic manipulative therapy, Graston, Activator, Trigger Point Therapy, taping and bracing, stabilization strengthening and exercises, traction and other tools to assist in healing and prevent reinjury.

trigger point therapy
trigger pointstrigger points
neck adjustment

Patient Testimonials

  • I can move again! And sleep pain free. The charlie horse are out to pasture!

  • I had an accident and needed a chiropractor to help regain mobility on my neck and shoulders. Dr Karolina has seen my daughter for back pain successfully so I came to her as well.Dr Karolina was extremely thorough in her initial assessment and determined best treatment without compromising my injury recovery.The process was extremely painful at the beginning but diminished rapidly as well. Dr Karolina explained what was happening and how the various treatments were impacting my recovery. After 6 weeks I was back at my full range of motion, with no pain or side effects.I strongly recommend Dr Karolina. Plus, the overall staff, facilities and how they care for the patients is best of class.From the bottom of my daughter's and my heart, BIG THANK YOU.

  • Very happy with Dr. Laboissonniere and her practice. Have been coming regularly for the past 3 months after developing intense back pain and started feeling some relief within the first couple of sessions. She is very thorough and I always leave feeling better then when I walked in. It’s not just about adjustments, she spends a ton of time on tissue massage which I really need. Have recommended to my FIL who now goes and would to others in need!

  • They are not doctors. They do not hold a medical degree. They did not go to medical school stop calling them doctors and stop taking ang giving medical advise. They will ask you if you want just a quick fix or a long-term fix. Just say you want the quick fix cause the long term one is they try to squeeze as much money out of you as they can. I went and they took an x-ray and proceeded to tell me how bad I was and it was the worst they have ever seen and then wanted to set me up with a plan to go monthly. All they can do is if you have back or neck pain from the misalignment, they can help relieve that and nothing they do is going to be a permanent fix. Save your money and go to a physical therapist that is covered by your insurance by a real doctor. Then do what they tell you and do the stretches.

  • Dr K has helped me immensely. I started going to her with arm and back pain, now I'm fully functioning without pain. Highly recommended. She is the chiropractor to go to if you need help.

  • My family members and I have become regulars in both Dr. Karolina and Dr. Brandon's office. As a college track athlete, I swear by chiropractic care and these doctors have brought me back numerous times from injury faster and heathier than I could ever have imagined. I also have scoliosis and kyphosis, and Dr. Karolina and Dr. Brandon have alleviated much of the pain and discomfort that are accompanied by this condition. I highly recommend Mend Chiropractic to anyone with muscle or back pain, both mild and severe!


Areas We Serve

Includes: Auburn, Barre, Bolton, Boylston, Clinton, Framingham, Grafton, Harvard, Holden, Hopkinton, Hudson, Lancaster, Leominster, Marlborough, Milbury, North Brookfield, Northborough, Princeton, Rutland, Shrewsbury, Southborough, Sterling, West Bolyston, Westborough, Worcester

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